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Glass Table Tops

Custom glass table tops are ideal for home or business. From the boardroom to dining room, protect your table with glass while showing off the beauty of your wood table. 

Glass table covers are an affordable and easy way to protect your valuable furniture. With a protective glass table cover, your wood, marble or metal table’s surface is safe from spills, stains, dings and scratches.

Unprotected wood requires more care and cleaning. Even though tablecloths may be an attractive option, they hide the beauty of the wood. One of the best solutions for protecting your wood tabletop is to cover it with annealed or tempered glass. Tempered glass is most often used for shelves, shower doors, entry doors and tabletops. Tempered glass is considered safer, and it breaks into many small pieces when broken and usually never cracks. It’s durable, easy to clean and see-through, so you can enjoy the beauty of your table.

There are many types of furniture you can protect with glass, dining room tables, desks, counter tops, patio furniture, end tables, dressers, and bar tops.  For example, if you currently own a patio table and the glass has wear and tear, a professional glass company can custom cut a replacement table top to bring it back to life. 

You can fully customize your tabletop with respect to glass thickness, type of glass (including gray, bronze, and frosted), edge types and corners.  There are several options for edges. The different kinds of edges available are seamed, flat polish, pencil and beveled. For square and rectangle glass tops corner finishes must be selected otherwise the table edges will be sharp.  Selections include eased, radius clipped and polished your choice will depend upon the look you want to achieve.

Glass table tops can be used in other ways; as a glass table topper on a pedestal, or as a glass insert that fits in a frame.  Should you have a glass table top on a support pedestal don’t forget to get bumpers for safety when the little ones come to visit.

Contact a professional glass company who has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the best glass for your home or business improvement projects.