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Custom Glass Bathroom Features

Custom glass products can create the bathroom of your dreams.  If you are planning to renovate your master bath, hall bath or powder room, the use of glass and mirrors can add beauty and reflect your personal style. Whether you are looking to create modern, minimalist or traditional bathroom, glass is an effective element to make your room feel more open, lighter and seem even larger.

Glass is reflective in nature. Glass naturally reflects light back into a space, giving the room an airy and bright ambience.

Using glass for your countertops is an excellent way to make your bathroom stand out. Modern glass is more durable than you think. Tempered or toughened glass is strengthened through a thermal process. Glass countertops are reflective, so they too open and brighten a space. Clear glass, colored or patterned glass countertops add an element of architectural design to the room. You can create a “wow” bathroom by adding glass vessel sink(s) to you glass countertops. Glass vessel sinks come in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and can be either opaque, solid or clear.

Custom glass shower enclosures can also create the style you are looking for.  Depending on which you choose they provide and clean minimalist or contemporary look. They come in framed or unframed styles.  Framed enclosures are held together with metal rims around the panes, which allows contractors to use a lighter grade of glass. With frameless enclosures, contractors use a heavy-duty glass because the panes are held together with discreet hardware. There are many hardware options to choose from to complete your personal style. Also, different door styles are available depending on the size and layout of the bathroom you are renovating.

Custom glass mirrors can be a huge focal point. Mirrors reflect light, giving the impression of a bigger space, and they make dim bathrooms brighter.  Depending on your desired style they can be antique, modern and/or framed or unframed. Popular are large wall mirrors with sconces mounted on “top” of the mirror. The mirror can be custom cut to allow for the installation. This type of lighting on the mirror provides good balanced light for specific self-care tasks.

These are some of the ways the natural properties of glass can enhance the beauty and add the style you desire in your remodeled bathroom.