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Custom Mirrors

Let Mirrors Make a Statement

By Stacy Argo of A-Plus Glass Services, published in the November 24th 2019 edition of the Houston Chronicle.

Even though mirrors are thought of as a practical use for personal grooming, they can also add a good deal of elegance and style whether it be traditional or contemporary to any room in your home.

Mirrors can be used in smaller areas to give the illusion of a large space. They can be strategically placed to reflect a light source which will increase a room’s brightness.

Custom mirrors can be manufactured to fit any need you may have for your entryway, living room, bathrooms, kitchens, closet, offices and home gyms.

Bathrooms are obviously popular places for mirrors.  A popular design trend is a full wall mirror behind the vanity up to the ceiling with light sconces mounted on top of the mirror.  A clean contemporary look, this requires a mirror with cutouts for electrical where sconces will be mounted.  Consider another trend by installing framed decorative mirrors on top of a wall mirror to create a luxurious and glamorous feel.

Do you want to emphasize a spectacular view? Mirrors can help do that. Instead of placing a mirror across from a blank wall place it across from a window. Multiply the gorgeous views with multiple wall mirrors.

Sliding barn doors are popular remodeling solutions to save space.  These are often used as a door for the master bathroom or bedroom closet.  Why not add a mirror to that barn door?  It’s both a functional and aesthetic solution.

Smaller kitchens can benefit from features such as mirrored backsplashes or mirrored cabinet doors providing an illusion of more space and act as an interesting focal point. Smaller bedrooms can appear larger with a mirrored headboard and closet doors.

Mirrors are a great way to create depth and enhance beauty in any home. Custom mirrors are available in different shapes, styles, sizes and finishes. Finishes include antique, also known as mercury glass or “silvered” glass. This type of finish has several patterns to choose from and is a high-end sophisticated look for a traditional style home. More modern finishes include colored mirrors, sometimes popular for home bar areas.

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