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Buying Shower Doors

Online shopping is a thriving market. For some types of purchases, it may not be the best place to purchase. If you are considering buying glass shower doors or enclosures there are some things to know before you shop online or visit a big box store.

Contrary to what people think there are no “standard” shower sizes. Showers are generally made to fit in a bathroom and come in all shapes and sizes. And today’s frameless models are custom. Measuring and installation must be precise and are best done by an experienced glass technician to ensure a proper fit. The chances of a cookie cutter shower door fitting the way you think it should be unlikely.

When it comes to glass door installation, several challenges can arise. Improper installation may result in gaps between the glass and the wall or sill. The tops of the glass pieces may be misaligned and do not line up with each other. The whole enclosure may not fit the space. In addition, a glass expert knows how to handle glass, so it doesn’t chip or get damaged. A person not experienced and unfamiliar working with and moving this material can create a dangerous situation for himself and others.

Other reasons to hire a glass specialist when buying and installing a glass shower doors and enclosures rather than buying online:

    • Quality assurance – you want a high-quality product that is durable and lasts a long time.
    • Perfect fit -most walls lean out of square and are not perfectly level.
    • Knowing you have all of the parts needed for your installation.
    • Shipping is very costly and risky as glass may get damaged.
    • The manufacturer’s warranty is in place. Buying online may void the warranty as the manufacturer’s literature may require product to be installed by a fully insured, licensed professional.
    • Peace of mind knowing that your shower enclosure measured purchased and installed by a professional is safe and looks great and doesn’t leak!

Designing your dream shower should be enjoyable and stress-free. Contact a professional glass company to make sure that you are getting quality products and experienced technicians.