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Cleaning Mirrors

Mirrors are both functional and aesthetic in the home. There is a proper method for cleaning mirrors to ensure the long term performance.  There are many products on the market which claim to be the best but there are simpler and inexpensive options when cleaning mirrors. One way is to use warm water and a [...]

Glass Maintenance

Proper and regular glass maintenance is required to prevent damage to glass shower doors and enclosures. Glass covered in soap scum or has hard water stains, mold or mildew is not only ugly but can be harmful to your health. Cleaning of the glass and its hardware should be done daily or at best weekly. [...]

Aging in Place Shower Enclosure and Glass Door

There are many considerations when planning a shower enclosure for someone with special needs.  Shower features such as curb-less (also known as no step entry or barrier free) and wider doors for a larger entrance are recommended for those with physical disabilities. The American Disability Act (ADA) guidelines and requirements can help you to integrate these [...]

Several Options for Shower Door

Current trends in bathroom remodeling have homeowners taking out tubs in favor of installing walk-in showers. If you are planning a bathroom remodel and decide to do this, you will need to choose the shower enclosure and door.  When looking at choices, take into consideration how it will function within the size of your space [...]

Remodelers Council and Volunteering

Stacy Argo, co-owner of A-Plus Glass Services is this year’s co-chairperson of the Greater Houston Builders Association Remodelers Council Charity Garage Sale (RMC).  The RMC Charity Garage Sale is an annual event where builders and remodelers donate products to be sold at the Texas Home and Garden Home Show. All proceeds go towards a future [...]

Texas Home and Garden Home Show 2017

The 22nd Annual Texas Home and Garden Show is Houston’s premier destination for all your home and garden needs. From windows and doors to roofs and floors, this show covers more than 100,000 square feet, with more than a thousand products and services on hand, including experts and ideas all for your convenience. Build a [...]

Remodelers Council Garage Sale 2016

Most of us have experienced a garage sale, whether we’ve done one ourselves or we have been out searching for bargains. The Remodelers Council Garage Sale adds an additional element – all the proceeds go to charity.  Members of the Greater Houston Builders Association Remodelers Council have donated products that will be sold at the [...]